We Help Kids Become Leaders Through Martial Arts Training.

At Matthews Tae Kwon Do, we believe in more than just physical training. We strive to create leaders with integrity, instilling in our students the values of honor, respect, and discipline. 

Your achievement is our mission.

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My daughters love Matthews Tae Kwon Do. Master Nick St. Clair is amazing with children. They learn confidence, how to focus and have respect in such a fun and warm environment. Highly recommend.

Sofia D. | Mom

Mr StClair is a fantastic treacher. You can really tell that he is passionate about helping kids be better versions of themselves by learning the confidence and integrity that comes from learning martial arts.

Roy G. | Dad

Very family-oriented school that promotes student perseverance while encouraging them to work hard. I'm very impressed with the dedication they have shown to my child. 

Remi R. | Dad

Why Choose Matthews Tae Kwon Do

We believe that regardless of your goal, whether it's fitness, self-improvement, or self-defense, you'll find what you're looking for. Our curriculum is designed to be easy to learn, making it accessible for beginners while also embracing the inner strength within.

One of the magical aspects of martial arts is its inclusivity. It doesn't matter if you're big or small, experienced or a beginner - in just a few sessions, you'll have the tools you need to defend yourself. From there, it's all about pushing yourself with intense workouts and personal self-development.

  • Safety - For each group we do different types of Self Defense! We teach many methods including grab defenses and groud defense. For our Tiny Tigers we teach Stranger Danger, Fire Safety, and Personal Safety!
  • Character Development - Each week we have a new word we focus on in class. These include: Focus, Perseverance, Self - Control, Self - Esteem, Intregrity, Attitude, and MUCH more. We believe Martial Arts is more than just punches and kicks, It's also about how well we treat or selves and the ones around us!
  • Accessible & Enjoyable - We also train diffrent weapons for each diffrent belt level! Weapons are a ton of fun to train, and also help with hand eye coordination! We train Single and Double Nun Chuk, Single and Double Escrima Stick, Kamas, and Bo Staff!!

Our programs

What makes us special is, we offer a wide variety of programs, designed to keep you or your child, active, build confidence, stay focused, shed, pounds, and protect themselves .

Tiny Tigers 

Our Tiny Tigers Program is for ages 4-5 years old. This program focuses on children's safety and character building. We teach Fire Safety, Stranger Danger, and Personal Safety with a strong focus on Character Development. The obstacle courses are fun too!

Tae Kwon Do Juniors

Our TKD JRs Program is for ages 6-11 years old. This program focuses on basic techniques, Poomsae, and weapons. As students progress, they learn more advanced techniques and weapons! Weapons include single and double nun-chucks, single and double escrima sticks, kamas, and bo staff!

Teen/Adult Martial Arts

Our Adult Program is for ages 12 and above. Unlike the children's programs, the adult classes focus more on conditioning and self-defense. We believe practical self-defense is the best way to go! We taper our workouts to meet anyone's goals no matter what your fitness level!

How to get started

Like what you see so far? Here is how you can get more information about our program, pricing, schedules, and get started.

Download our free starter kit

Download and get access to our starter kit which includes details on our program, which program is right for your kids, pricing, schedules, the tour of our campus, and special promotions


Join us on an assessment class

Come join us in an assessment class. Our instructor will work with you or your kids to figure out which program will help you reach your goal.


Decided sign up for one of our program

If you love what we have, and think we can help you or your child achieve and grow, let us know, and we will enroll you into the program that fits best for you.


Meet Your Master instructor 

Our school provide qualified, knowledgeable instructors who offer each child an atmosphere of co-operation and fair play.

Master Nick St. Clair

Mr. St.Clair started training in mixed martial arts originally back in 2000. He is proficient with single and double Nun-chuk, single and double Escrima sticks, Kamas, and Bo Staff.
He has also attended self-defense and weapons seminars with
Ama Guro Rifino Pambuan.

Parents Feedback

Meredith Hoover recommends Matthews Tae Kwon Do

via Google

Love, love, love! You won’t regret it. Instructors are patient, knowledgeable, & fun! Can’t say enough good things about this place & the people. My 11 year old has social anxiety & has tried a number of different martial arts schools on the recommendation of his doctor. This is first that he really seemed to warm up to... definitely thanks to gentle, fun approach of instructors!! They really cater to the individual needs of the student & family. They really try to keep the prices reasonable & have a variety of things for the kids to do in addition to traditional classes. Master St Clair is wonderful with kids & adults alike & Master Mun really cares about the needs/schedules of his members. (Even after moving to fort mill we still drive to Matthews for classes)

Lisa Asaad recommends Matthews Tae Kwon Do

via Google

Love that they actually teach instead of letting the kids run obstacle courses even for the trial weeks (I used Groupon)

Sofia Dimou recommends Matthews Tae Kwon Do

via Facebook

My daughters love Matthews Tae Kwon Do. Master Nick St. Clair is amazing with children. They learn confidence, how to focus and have respect in such a fun and warm environment. Highly recommend.

Anna Valdez recommends Matthews Tae Kwon Do

via Google

I can't say enough about how amazing and professional this school is, specifically Master St. Clair! I researched a few schools before enrolling when I knew I wanted to take classes and I was sold after the first class. I was nervous as a total beginner but the adult class is extremely engaging, fun and flexible for any working adult. Master St. Clair is very knowledgeable, professional and really caters to the student needs. I will also mention I make the drive from South Charlotte to Matthews in the evenings because of the quality of the class and instruction. I would recommend any adult to this school that's interested in learning TaeKwonDo, I plan to be here long term as long as Master St. Clair is teaching!

Random Rangoon recommends Matthews Tae Kwon Do

via Google

Awesome place to take your kids. My 5 year old absolutely loves it and the instructor Nick is great with her. She's learning discipline and self defense in a fun environment and it's affordable. Transferred her from another place to this one and haven't been disappointed at all. He also has fun events for the kids which is awesome. I've only seen him with the kids classes so can't attest to his adults classes but his kid ones are always great and the kids absolutely seem to be having a blast while learning. Would and have recommended this school to everyone I've met that's looking for one.

Let's Play with Fabys toys recommends Matthews Tae Kwon Do

via Google

Really a good place. Instructors are amazing with kids

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Download and get access to our starter kit which includes details on our program, which program is right for you or your kids, pricing, schedules, tour of our campus, and special promotions.

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